NUMBER: 4.5.04
DATE: 07/01/00



The purpose of this policy is to inform all departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the requirements and restrictions to be followed in the payment of fees for recruiting purposes.


It is the policy of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in compliance with Governor's Policy Directive #14B and memo dated September 27, 1977, that the payment of agency fees for recruitment assistance for a regular employee from private employment agencies or temporary service (temporary to regular placement) agencies is prohibited.


  1. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) will be responsible for the recruitment of qualified applicants for vacant staff positions within UAMS. OHR will utilize various recruiting sources including state employment agencies, walk-in applicants, employee referrals, classified ads, journal ads and placement offices of local schools, colleges and universities. UAMS departments are authorized to pay fees to private temporary service agencies for use of temporary employee or utilize the UAMS temporary staffing service. UAMS departments may use a private outside temporary service agency for a temporary employee for a maximum of 6 weeks only1.
  2. Departments utilizing temporary employees secured from a private temporary service agency should avail themselves of the facts concerning the employee's status or condition of employment with the temporary service agency.
  3. Temporary service agencies often require their employees to sign a contract which restricts the employee from accepting employment with a client for a specified period of time. It is also usually stated in the contract that the employee or the employer may be required to pay a violation fee to cover recruitment services rendered should they enter into an employment agreement.
  4. Department supervisors who prepare time reports for temporary service employees should pay close attention to the fine print on these forms. The supervisor, by signing the time report, may obligate UAMS to pay a fee if the employee is hired prior to expiration of the employee's obligation to the temporary service agency. Job offers to such employees should not be made until the employee has fulfilled any and all contract requirements with the temporary service agency.
  5. Departments unsure of whether an employee to be hired has fulfilled his/her contract requirements with a temporary service agency should contact the Office of Human Resources for assistance.


1 Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Administration Accounting and Purchasing Regulations, Rev. 04-17-91