NUMBER: 4.3.07
DATE: 10/15/96



The purpose of this policy is to inform departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the procedures to be followed in the determining the frequency of pay for UAMS employees. A common pay frequency has been established for all positions within each classification (Class Code). State law prohibits the payment of wages prior to the end of a pay cycle.


  1. SAP/HR infotype 0001, Organizational Assignment, identifies the pay frequency of each position in the field “Payroll Area” as 01 “biweekly" , 02 "monthly", or 99, “irrelevant. Below are the pay frequencies for each position classification established by current legislation:

In general,

       Classified (including Extra Help) and Non-Classified Patient Care positions are biweekly, with some exceptions.

        Non-Classified Administrative and Faculty, as well as Housestaff  positions are monthly

        “Irrelevant” (payroll area 99) applies to “non-employees” who are listed in SAP/HR for the purpose of gaining domain access, name badge, and other employee privileges.  See BPP “Non-Employee Basic Data” under “Personnel Administration” at

  1. Employees in positions with a bi-weekly pay frequency will be paid every other Friday, approximately five working days following the end of the bi-weekly cycle. Finance Department/Payroll publishes a semi-annual listing of biweekly payperiod dates and pay distribution dates.                                                                            
  1. Employee in positions with a monthly pay frequency will be paid on the last work day of each month. Finance Department/Payroll publishes a semi-annual listing of monthly pay distribution dates.                                                                                          
  2. Coordination with OHR is required for proper payment of an employee following a change in pay frequency resulting from a promotion, upgrade, or reclassification from one position to another.  Generally, the employee should remain in the current position through the end of the current payperiod so that he will be fully paid for the current payperiod (e.g., if biweekly, he stays until the end of the biweekly period; if monthly, the end of the month).  OHR/Recruitment will then “transfer data” to move the employee to the new position.                                                       
  3. Early distribution of paychecks is generally prohibited. The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Recourses may approve early release of a paycheck only under emergency circumstances.



General instructions for the use of SAP/HR are found in the manual “Personnel Administration for Department Users”, at the UAMS Enterprise website: