NUMBER: 4.1.01     



Education is a very important part of the mission of UAMS and employees are encouraged to take advantage of the many educational programs available.   The major educational benefit offered by UAMS is the University of Arkansas Tuition Discount Program.  The purpose of this policy is to inform UAMS employees and departments of the eligibility criteria and benefits provided through the Tuition Discount Program.


1.      All full-time employees employed as of the final day of regular registration in any particular session or semester, are eligible to participate in the Tuition Discount Program.   “Full-time” is defined as 100% percent employment per SAP infotype 0007.

2.      Under the Tuition Discount Program, UAMS employees may take any combination of undergraduate or graduate semester credit hours at a cost of 10% of the cost of tuition at the employee’s campus; in other words, a 90% discount.   The “employee’s campus” is UAMS for most employees, but may be any campus for those employees of Regional Programs and Kids First sites outside of Pulaski County. The designated campus shall remain the same for the term of employment unless the site of employment changes. 

3.      At other campuses of the University System, the employee’s cost is 30% of the cost of full tuition; in other words, a 70% discount.    Other campuses in the University System are located at Fayetteville, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Monticello, Fort Smith, Batesville, Helena, Morrilton, Hope and DeQueen.  

4.      All enrollees must meet normal admissions requirements and audits should be on a space available basis only.

5.      Employees enrolled in electronically delivered courses such as CIV, Internet, web based, or distance education are eligible for waiver benefits on regular tuition (10% of the cost of tuition for courses offered by the employee’s campus, or 30% of the cost of tuition for courses offered by any other University of Arkansas campus). In addition to this tuition cost, the employee will pay the difference between the cost of regular tuition and the tuition charge for distance education courses. 

6.      Enrollment at reduced rates during regular working hours for employees will be limited to one course each semester with a maximum of five semester credit hours, and a total maximum of eight semester hours for the regular academic year of two semesters.    Up to three credit hours can be taken during each summer term, or six credit hours at UAMS if only one summer term is offered.  Courses during special sessions may also be eligible for the discount.    This policy does not assume that release time from regular working hours will be automatically permitted; supervisory approval is required.

7.      Enrollment at reduced rates outside of regular working hours for employees shall not exceed nine semester credit hours per semester.   When combined with enrollment during working hours, the maximum credit hours at reduced rates are eleven per semester.

8.      Employees’ authorized dependents are also eligible to participate in the Tuition Discount Program.   Authorized dependents include the spouse and dependent children (as defined by the IRS) of an employee employed full-time as of the final day of registration.  Surviving spouses who have not remarried and dependent children of employees who died while in full-time employment of a University System school are also eligible.

9.      Spouses and dependent children of full-time employees may take up to 132 undergraduate semester credit hours at 50% of tuition at the employee’s campus (50% discount), or at 60% of full tuition at any other campus within the University of Arkansas (40% discount). “Employee Campus” is again different for employees of Regional Programs and Kids First sites located outside of Pulaski County.

10.  A student may not receive discounts as both an employee and a spouse or child of an employee.

11.  The campus where coursework is taken is solely responsible for which courses are eligible and which courses, if any, are excluded from the discount.  The campus may choose to give a partial discount on some program.  For example, UAMS employees are eligible for a 70% discount on graduate courses offered by the College of Public Health.  Additionally, UALR has excluded many graduate level programs from the discount.

12.  Professional education, minimally Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy, is excluded from the discount.  The campus of enrollment retains the final decision on the eligibility of the courses for tuition discount.



1.      Eligible employees or their authorized dependents must complete the Request for Employee Tuition Discount or the Request for Spouse/Dependent of Employee Tuition Discount form, for each semester of enrollment.  The employee form requires the signature of the Department Chair or Director.  The forms are available on the Human Resources website at or in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) located in the Annex Building.

2.      The employee may fax the completed form to OHR to the fax number on the form, bring the form to OHR in the Annex Building, or mail the form to OHR at campus mailbox # 564.  The employee should make a copy of the form for their records.  The form(s) must be received by OHR no earlier than eight weeks prior to the end of registration, but at least one week prior to enrollment deadlines to ensure the avoidance of late registration fees and to ensure that OHR has adequate time to process the form.    It is up to the receiving University to set the due date for forms.   Employees should check with OHR or the University they are attending if they are unsure of the deadline.

3.      OHR will verify employee eligibility and forward approved forms to the campus of enrollment.  OHR is responsible for approving that the employee is eligible for the discount.   The receiving campus is responsible for approving specific programs for the discount.

4.      If an employee becomes ineligible between the day the form was initially signed and the final day of regular registration, the discount will be rescinded.

5.      Employees with questions regarding Tuition Discount may call OHR at 686-5650.   Employees should also check the Human Resources website at for tuition discount updates.