Resident Lounge and work area

In June, 2006, the AHEC proudly opened a new 3500 square foot work area and call space for residents. This area features individual desks and work spaces for each resident as well as a large private office for the chief resident. There is also a conference room where morning report and teaching rounds are held. There is a dedicated area for residents to relax while on call. Three comfortable call rooms adjoin the work area and are equipped with private bathrooms and flat-screen TVs. The work area is equipped with WiFi access so that residents can utilize their personal laptop computers with internet access while at work.

Dr. Michelle Ang works diligently on patient charts.

Dr. Erin McKelvey monitors patients in the Emergency Room.

Dr. Shahid Shah prepares for a presentation in Conference Room.

One of three overnight call rooms (view one)

One of three overnight call rooms (view two)

One of four bathrooms in the resident lounge

Conference Room (view one)

Conference Room (view two)

Each resident has his or her own work area and locker

Comfortable area to rest on call or during the day to catch up on current events

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